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How deeply does your art dream, how many dreams lie unseeded? Our goal is to give the muses a place to dance and foster an arts community strong in its ability to enable artistic instinct wherever it might be found. We have envisioned a large airy space for finished works and studio space for those in progress, artists of all varieties will eventually be supported within the space.
Working within the community both local and worldwide we will be pleased to offer the opportunity for internships, international exhibits, concerts, festival participation and creation, artists in residence, gallery memberships. The endeavors of all artists will be available both through physical gallery space as well as through e-commerce.
We welcome all of the disciplines – artists, writers, musicians, dancers, photographers, videographers, fabric artists, sculptors, culinary artists, landscape artists … insert your form of art here. To help the initial seeds survive and thrive we will be offering the right to name a brick in the wall.
As bricks are purchased we will be adding them to first a virtual wall, then when we have enough bricks sold we will be offering for competition a wall hanging in the form of a patchwork quilt to be used as both a focal piece for the gallery as well as backdrop to our concerts and events. For every grouping of five bricks renamed we will offer a free album download.
Please join our mailing list today, indicate in the subject line what discipline/s are your particular joy. Tell us what you need to create. We are building it now. Very soon we will offer you the opportunity to participate in whatever ways you choose, from buying a brick to applying for internships or artists residencies. We intend to be in as many ways feasible, a respectful inclusive group of artists collaborating with the world.
Please send your inquiries to muse2@thenoteworthymuse.com . Keep up with us via our webspace thenoteworthymuse.com for progress updates and upcoming competitions and events. Come collaborate in Clarksdale, Mississippi, home to the crossroads, birthplace of the blues, as well as The Noteworthy Muse.

Thank You for your interest and participation…Please share.

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