I Am Grateful Too


I Am Grateful Too is a collaborative concept, simply sharing our reasons to be grateful. To share the joy and to remind ourselves in the midst of our triumphs and sorrows that there are reasons to share a smile. “I got out of bed today”, is just as good a reason to be grateful as “I landed on the moon today”. Let’s create a community brimming with faces filled with smile lines from all the shared grins. We have begun with a gift to you as a response to our own sense of grateful. Please share your reason to be grateful with us and download some free music and art. We are simply grateful for you. We would like to offer you the download of four songs and a piece of original art as our gratitude offering. Earwig Music has kindly offered to host the download so you will be directed to their landing page when you click this link.

Co-Founders of I Am Grateful Too