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When I began to write this bio, I was asked to put my artistic practice into words. I wrote several with all the requisite Shannon Lyons has been, done and created things attached. There are many of those results on this site. I deleted them all to begin again as it is the least important thing I need to convey. I struggled with it until a friend reminded me I was writing of one project with its many facets. The project is my life and its impact on the world. That interactive impact will be the “media” it is encompassed within.  

It is a peace project of international and hopefully world encompassing size.  World peace, it seems like a far-fetched dream at times. Though it is a simple one to achieve if we all are willing to create inclusive community based on the currency of respect and contagious contentment. This website has been set up with intentional care to help create community and exchange respect as an interactive currency in the ways we have already discovered. It is expected to evolve as our understanding does. If there are ways to encourage this please share them so that our community may sur-thrive. Our intent is to encourage a more realistic view of human interaction, leaving us with honoured spaces within our lives for change to be shaped into grace. You are welcome here.

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