History of The Noteworthy Muse

The Noteworthy Muse is a world peace project disguised as an arts incubator, creating collaborative change through the support of the arts. We believe we can as a community mend our world’s social balance through inclusive expression.

This project is over ten years old and beginning to grow into itself. It began as a thought about world peace and how much change would be required to keep a grandchild content for a lifetime. The Noteworthy Muse was conceived by Canadian chromesthetic artist Shannon Lyons, who shared her vision with Michael Frank of Earwig Music Company, Chicago, whom she got to know when he, Honeyboy Edwards and Les Copeland performed at The Central Music Festival in Red Deer, Alberta in 2009.

Together as co-founders, Shannon and Michael expanded the original vision into an actual arts incubator, first established in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada then in Keremeos, British Columbia, and currently in Cawston, British Columbia and Chicago, Illinois. The Noteworthy Muse, under the leadership and administration of Shannon Lyons, presented house concerts, musician tour support – catering and lodging, arts workshops, an art gallery and a networking forum. Since the global pandemic in 2020, the Noteworthy Muse has been operating as a virtual arts incubator, working on building a global community.

In 2020 Steve Hausheer, a musician and marketer in Chicago, joined Shannon and Michael as a co–founder of an ever evolving project, The Noteworthy Muse.

Our Vision and Mission for The Noteworthy Muse

How deeply does your art dream, how many dreams lie unseeded? Our goal is to give the muses a place to dance and for us to foster a global arts community strong in its ability to enable artistic instinct wherever it might be found. We are working within the community both local and worldwide, to facilitate artists of all varieties to eventually become both creator and muse, interactively supporting the voices that change our world with their creative choices. We are collaborating with a variety of spaces to open opportunities for the wider community. We think of artists in a broad sense, the Arts in our vocabulary translates to anything people do with care and passion. We welcome creatives in all of the disciplines – artists, writers, musicians, dancers, photographers, videographers, fabric artists, sculptors, culinary artists, landscape artists, multi-disciplinary artists, mechanics, plumbers, to name a few.

We will as the world becomes more available to interactivity again,  be able to offer collaborative international exhibits, concerts, festival participation and creation, artist in residencies, gallery memberships, other collaborative opportunities within the artists playground. The endeavors of all artists will be available both through gallery spaces on our website and through our collaborators.

We are launching the changes in our website so The Noteworthy Muse can blossom into an everyday event welcoming the world, where artists come to ask for and offer participation in projects. We thank you for being here. We believe in the currency of respect and contagious contentment, our belief is easily described with a single word. Ubuntu, I am because we are. We strive to engage through Ubuntu at every opportunity as a community choice and a common currency.

We welcome you to join us here. > link to Join or register
You can also communicate with us by email. Please send your inquiries to: muse2@thenoteworthymuse.com.

Thank You for your interest and participation.