This is the Collaborator’s Playground, our intent is to provide a place where we can create projects collaboratively and respectfully. Projects will be started with explanatory blog posts in the Dream Catcher area. At which point you can join by indicating in a comment you would like to do so. Soon we will have the capability of adding zoom conferencing on the projects through posted calendar links. Join the collaborator’s group by adding a profile and then add or join a project, its as simple as that.  Thanks for being here, thanks for helping change the world with your creativity and time. 

The History Of The Noteworthy Muse

History of The Noteworthy Muse The Noteworthy Muse is a world peace project disguised as an arts incubator, creating collaborative change through the support of the arts. We believe we can as a community mend our world’s social balance through inclusive expression. This project is over ten years old and beginning to grow into itself. […]

The Universal Musician

While acknowledging the role of music in addressing illness is not new, recent research is illuminating how music affects the brain and other body systems in a measurable way. Using that knowledge, practitioners can now integrate music with medicine to augment healing. Is there a connection between music and health? The ancient Greeks certainly thought […]

Coming Soon an Inaugural Philosopher’s Corner with Dolphin Kasper – Interview with Shannon Lyons Podcast and Blog Post

The Building Character Project

The Building Character Project – Shannon Lyons – initiating artist – Project beginning and introduction – A few years ago I found out at the age of 52 that I am of the neurodivergent brainstyle. When I found that out, I also found out about the chameleon nature of masking and its repercussions in my […]

Respect as a Currency

Respect as a currency is a very simple concept thousands of years old with a somewhat different implementation than it started with. I came to the idea watching Marilyn Waring discuss world accounting in the documentary Who’s Counting Anyway. Respect as a currency we recognize in promise held in a handshake or the tin can […]

Contagious Contentment

Synesthesia What Does It Mean To You? M Teresa Clayton The Mystress Discusses The Subject With Michael Frank of Earwig Music

Coming soon a podcast interview featuring Michael Frank interviewing M Teresa Clayton The Mystress about synesthesia and various other related subjects.

How Can We As A Community Improve Our Daily Experience – I Am Grateful Too

I am grateful too has become a movement and a deep and heartfelt improvement in our daily practice. What are the simple or complex reasons you can find to be grateful today? Will you chare them and offer hope to those who cannot for the moment find their own?

How Can We Help The Music Survive? A Different Sort of Fundraiser Has Been A Blessing and An Advocacy For Me

Butterfly in a Blender